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Jensen Gruppen is the new brand name for the Holding Company J. Jensen A/S. The group will continue to function as a parent company and facilitate, monitor and support the development of the group's established companies. In similar fashion the group will continue to invest in new business' and real-estate related projects, that satisfy the group investments and risk profile. The idea is to create a contemporary brand that will fit within the current group, with a clear, sustainable and technological profile.

Jensen Gruppen consist of three branches of buissness', counting entrepeneurial companies, real-estate and development and digitalization.


Real Estate

Excerpt of the group's portfolio

  • Ejendomsselskabet Velds 2010 ApS
  • Højlundevej ApS
  • Kollekollevej ApS
  • Lynge Stationsvej ApS
  • Nr. Herlev Ejendom A/S
  • Thorshave A/S
  • Østerbrogade 190 ApS

Development & Digitalization

Excerpt of the group's portfolio

A Company in Development

J. Jensen-group has succesfully been run as a family-business since the beginning of 1986. Today, the group consist of more than 60 companies, engaged in a wide range of different industries. As a part of the group's professionalization, long-term strategy and to secure the group's best possible market situation, the group's companies are gathered under the common name Jensen Gruppen. 

J. Jensen-corperation is overall a progressive entrepreneurial company, that have grown significantly the last years, and which have delivered a stabile organic growth. But the time has come to take the next step and further strengthen the corperation as the market is evolving. Therefor, the corperation has choosen to become even more strategic and clear in its priorities, with a long-term consolidation of the corperation.

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