Jensen Group
Whistleblower Program

Jensen Gruppen takes compliance with applicable legislation seriously. Regulation is becoming ever more comprehensive with greater demands on companies to be aware of legislative changes and new practices. In Jensen Gruppen, we follow these changes and conduct continuous training of the company's employees in how we ensure that Jensen Gruppen always complies with applicable legislation.
In Jensen Gruppen, we have also established an opportunity for our employees and partners to report matters that may be in conflict with the legislation anonymously. The report is received by a lawyer, and on the basis of received reports the lawyer prepares a recommendation to the management of Jensen Gruppen on how a given problem is further investigated and solved going forward.

Reporting can be done in the form below.

Reporting of non-compliance with applicable legislation

    If the name and contact information is provided, the lawyer can contact the notifier. Notifier's identity is not disclosed to Jensen Gruppen.

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