Climate- and Enviromental Initiatves 

Jensen Gruppen are currently taking a lot of actions in regards to positive measures for the climate, both in terms of processes, materials and recycling.

  • We are working towards continuning to positioning Jensen Gruppen as a sustainable and technological group. It is the group's assessment, that it is crucial for the continous competitiveness and relevance of the companies to continuously develop our investments in these areas.
  • We have a progressive techonology-agenda, that will ensure healthy business through digitalization and data, contributing to an even more sustainable profile.
  • In 2021, we will have the most sutainable portfolio in the construction industy. We believe in sustainability, circular economy and resource effeciency and recycling, and we will set the new standard for enviromental management and circular economy.
Every company in Jensen Gruppen will be CO2 neutral in 2029
Karsten Hjarsø
CEO, Jensen Gruppen

Every year the construction industry contribute to a significant part of the total CO2 emission in Denmark. That is why we all have a common responsibility to contribute to a continuous reduction of the construction industry's climate footprint through close collaboration in all the phases of construction.

Jensen Gruppen will set an example and lead the industry when it comes to sustainanability. We are working with the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals and have dedicated assets for energy-optimization, waste management, construction with sustainable materials, new technologies, logistic and upcycling. Our dedicated climate political goal is to be CO2 neutral in 2029 the latest.

Climate Strategy 2029

  • Today, buildings account for 40 % of the Danish energy consumption, they emit 40 % of the total CO2 emission and the construction industry alone generates 30 % of Denmark's waste.
  • The construction industry alone is not the biggest sinner of emission, but is in turn, the only sector that has increased its CO2 footprint since 1990.
  • The demand for all sectors is to decrease CO2 emission by a minimum of 70 % compared to 1990 by the year 2030, in order to do so, the industry needs to make an effort.
Figure 1. The building- and construction industry emission of greenhouse gasses (in CO2 equivalent's)
  • 1990 levels will be reduced by 70 % in 2030
  • The goal is CO2 neutral in 2050
Figure 2. Reduction of CO2 emissions by 2030
Examples of initiatives, that can reduce the CO2 footprint in Jensen Gruppen
  • Installation of solar panels and the aplication of wind power and geothermal energy
  • Reduction in number of machine hours by productions optimization
  • The usage of materials and supplies, that has a smaller CO2 emission
  • Strategic application of wood structures, upcycled material and recycling
  • Electrical cars in the company fleet, use of public transportation, video conferences
  • Optimization of driving, logistics and local purchasing
  • Minimize waste, garbage and supplies
  • Facility optimization, better maintenance, reduction of heat and power consumption


Waste Management

  • We are already among the best in the industry to recycle our construction waste. Today, we recycle 98 % of all our waste and it is an area, where we continuously invest to ensure an even higher degree of recycling. We consider waste as an assets and a valuable resource, we therefore want to be able to upcycle.

Sustainable Construction

  • The Jensen Gruppen and the world leading Austrian based entrepreneurial specialist Cree have made an strategic collaboration, that will esure the possibility to build far more sustainable with cutting edge technology for wood construction in Denmark. Our goal is to become more skilled and constantly find new and more effecient ways to solve different kind of construction problems. With wooden construction, we are changing the way we build, and contribute to taking sustainable construction to a whole new level.

CO2 Friendly Construction Sites

  • At Jensen Gruppen, we are working hard to redesign our fleet, including the machines we use on the construction sites. The goal is to reduce CO2 emission from fossil fuels by switching to electrical powered cars and machines, as the technology allows for this replacement.

Jensen Gruppen's climate strategy is to be CO2 neutral in 2029 by:

  • Reducing CO2 footprint from the Group's operations - office, IT, cars, travel, canteen etc.
  • Reducing CO2 from production – machines, waste and choice of materials
  • Improving CO2 in the project by optimizing materials, consumption and design

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